Tomato Servers: A Ripened Heirloom

“They were in fashion when service à la russe came into favor in this country, when servants would pass the food with a gorgeous serving piece, and they would serve you at the table,” explains Mimi Woodruff, owner of Beverly Bremer Silver Shop in Atlanta. “[Victorians] featured the food, they featured the service, they featured the serving dish; it was all part of the drama of eating, which we don’t even begin to understand today.”

From parties to picnics, the tomato server and other fine silver lend themselves to any occasion, especially in the South where we love pulling out all the stops. “A lot of people think silver is formal, that it requires a lot of care and attention. It was intended to be used and enjoyed and acquire this beautiful, mellow patina over time. It’s going to last generations,” Mimi says.

Text by Ashley Shaw
Styling by Sidney Bragiel
Photography by Stephanie Welbourne Steele

Browse the beautiful tomato server selections of our partners Replacements, Ltd. and Beverly Bremer Silver Shop.

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