Transform a Garden Table Into a Hostess Station

Alfresco occasions become all the more enchanting with this resourceful spin on an old garden table.

A picture of a garden table turned hostess station

Bring social hour outdoors with a potting table turned entertaining station.

The seedlings carefully sprouted on the patio in spring have burst forth in the summer garden as fragrant herbs and dainty blossoms. With the potting table clear of cuttings and starter pots, it’s the perfect opportunity to put it to use for another purpose: an outdoor entertaining station.

A picture of a garden table turned hostess station

Remove any remnants of potting soil from the center well, and you’ll see it’s just right for icing down drinks. Old-fashioned glass bottles filled with beverages in colorful fruit flavors suit the mood and offer a refreshing start to the occasion. Bring out a couple pitchers and several glasses to serve water and tea, as well as fresh garnish options and cutting boards. Display it all with your most fun tableware—don’t be afraid to mix patterns, shapes, and sizes!

The table’s trellis backing that once held spades and trowels keeps recipes for favorite concoctions at hand, while shelves add space for trays, serving pieces, and other hostess necessities. An expansive color palette open to any hue with vibrant flair adds a festive touch, and subtle floral accents enliven the atmosphere. A couple of woven baskets set on the table’s base create stylish storage for corralling linens and extra supplies, allowing for a mentality of the more the merrier.

A picture of a garden table turned hostess station

Once the transformation is complete, invite friends, family, or even passers-by to snip a handful of fresh mint for a pitcher of sweet tea and sit for a spell, enjoying your enterprise and drinking in a blue-sky afternoon.