Two Days Away: Apalachicola, Florida

Along the serene expanse of Florida’s Forgotten Coast lies Apalachicola, a quaint and quiet town with deep-rooted history and a distinctive culture marked by its seaside locale. 

Apalachicola, Florida

A trip to Apalachicola, Florida, promises the true “Old Florida” experience. One of the state’s most historic cities, this coastal community lies where the Apalachicola River meets Apalachicola Bay, and from water to land, it abounds with natural beauty and time-tested sights to explore. Traces of Native American cultures discovered in the area date back to 2000 B.C., and the town was renamed in 1831 to reflect this rich heritage. Apalachicola is an Indian word meaning “land of the friendly people,” and this rings true in the warm welcome visitors can expect. 

With industry roots in timber, lumber, cotton, railroads, seafood, and even sponges, the Apalachicola Historic District has an interesting mix of more than 900 surviving structures, from old cotton warehouses to picturesque antebellum homes. Just beyond this area, waterfront Lafayette Park is sure to catch the eye and inspire visitors to linger awhile along the breathtaking bay. And downtown, Riverfront Park provides a scenic view of the city’s iconic shrimp boats coming and going. 

Apalachicola, Florida

Parks like these are welcome points of respite during days filled with exploration into Apalachicola’s culture and cuisine. In addition to its well-preserved past, the town boasts a vibrant present, with an abundance of shops and galleries that exude an eclectic personality with maritime flair. A mouthwatering assortment of eateries feature local seafood, like the area’s world-renowned oysters. Still, visitors will find rest and relaxation on Apalachicola’s miles of immaculate, uncrowded beaches. Experience its natural splendor through guided tours up the river and trips across the bay to nearby barrier islands. Or strike out on your own with activities like fishing, boating, kayaking, birding, or hiking across the acres of national and state forests. From adventurers to laidback vacationers, bliss awaits everyone who finds their way to this captivating seaside paradise.

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