Under the Sun

Under The Sun
“The Alisons wanted the pool area to be an extension of the home,” says Beverly. “Our goal was to create a comfortable and functional space that remained sophisticated in style and complemented an attractive landscape. We wanted to create the ultimate room with a view.”

The main deck, complete with plush lounge chairs and a quaint seating area, gives way to a pavilion on the west end of the yard, equipped with a kitchen flanked by dining and living spaces. Above a spa in the center of the pool, a stunning espaliered vine forms an organic focal point. 

Continuing from there, the team made use of other natural elements that would enhance the landscaping, rather than take away from it. “Though the pool itself takes up much of the backyard, we kept the area feeling soft by combining lush green plantings with sleek limestone pavers to ease the hard edges,” Beverly explains. “Boxwood hedges in concrete planters and teak in the furnishings play to the natural elegance we were hoping to achieve.” 

In the outdoor kitchen, shiplap cabinetry and stained concrete counters create a simple yet refined sensibility, and copper lighting adds dimension and warmth. The designer expertly amplified the effects of the calming blue water throughout the alfresco living and dining areas with decorative mirrors and by repeating the hue in pillows and linens meant to accentuate the airy, tranquil atmosphere.