Well Traveled

Pull up a seat at the dining-room table of this Alabama home, and it’s as though the walls and objects along them might strike up a conversation. The weathered trunk in the corner, with its artistic monogram, once accompanied the owner’s great-grandmother on journeys from another era. The sparkle of colored light on the table passes through nearby stained glass windows, which came from a historic church. These carefully selected artifacts combine with items collected on the owners’ travels around the world. 

Well Traveled
Rather than allowing a single aesthetic to drive the items they select, the owners let the pieces they find most interesting find a space within the home. “If we see something we love on one of our travels, it doesn’t have to make sense—we’ll find a way to weave it into our décor,” the owners say of the home’s eclectic furnishings. Encouraging others to do the same, they continue, “If you find a
particular piece pleasing, don’t be shy. Make it part of your story.”

Well Traveled
Cool, neutral hues on the walls and window treatments add a modern touch. Paired with the well-curated collection, the interior feels vibrant and intriguing without growing cluttered. While each element in the home has a story all its own, together they relate a narrative of the people who assembled them. The effect is a sense of timeless charm.

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