Win a Romantic Getaway in New Orleans

4. New Orleans Plantation Country

A stop in New Orleans Plantation Country is the perfect opportunity to extend your trip into an overnight retreat. The area has a plethora of Creole cottages, antique-filled plantations, and campgrounds with breathtaking views ideal for resting your head—and feet—after checking everything off your bucket list during the day with your loved one.

The heart and soul of New Orleans Plantation Country can be found by taking a step back in time and experiencing the Historic Riverlands Christian Center. The historic site offers two tours: the Historic Riverlands Tour, during which you can experience what church life was like in the South during the Jim Crow period, and the Soul River Musical Journey Tour, which will teach you about African American history through music. The church signifies an important moment in Louisiana’s social and religious history and was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2005.