Plant a Portable Herb Garden

Overflowing with spring’s verdant bounty, this miniature herb garden is a cinch to tote between porch and kitchen.   Herb Garden How-To A vintage enamelware bowl is…

Renovation Diary: The House on Gates, Part 2- Entry Stairway and Front Door

Renovation Diary: The House on Gates, Part 2

When last we left Beverly Farrington in her renovation journey—the 19th-century “house on Gates” in Huntsville, Alabama—she was about to take her first look…

Well Traveled

Well Traveled

Historic pieces and mementos from world travels layer together for a design aesthetic where each unique piece tells a story.

10 of Our Favorite White Kitchens

10 of Our Favorite White Kitchens

There is a timeless and captivating quality about white kitchens. We love the endless possibilities this color palette gives to homes. It offers an opportunity to create…

Classic Christmas

Classic Christmas

A classic Southern home shines bright for the holidays.

All Wrapped Up for the Holidays

Shimmering paper, a heartfelt note, ribbons winding round and round—each thoughtful layer adds to the anticipation. Get inspired to create gorgeous packages all wrapped…

Entertaining Touches

Entertaining Touches for the Holidays

Create a warm and inviting home by adding a few entertaining touches for the holidays. This collection includes a variety of looks perfect for Christmas season.